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Real stories from Anglia Care Trust Domestic Abuse Outreach team

Below are a series of real stories from people who have experienced domestic abuse


As operators of the Suffolk Domestic Abuse helpline, Anglia Care Trust (ACT), talk to many people with a variety of backgrounds and histories. People who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse are supported in different ways depending upon their circumstances. To maintain confidentiality, all names in our stories have replaced with a single letter. Sometimes, it helps to read others' stories - if you identify with any of the below, we can help - when it's safe to do so, call 0800 977 5690

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Order from Chaos - the Story of A 

A had been married for 15 years with 5 children; she also worked in a well-known department store. Due to alcohol, her marriage broke down resulting in her becoming homeless and having no contact with her children. A was a victim of domestic abuse by many perpetrators, not helped by her chaotic lifestyle and exacerbated by the use of alcohol and drugs. 

Financial Support Helped this Male Survivor - the Story of D 

D called the Suffolk Domestic Abuse Helpline after advice from the police following a serious assault: D was involved in an altercation, ending with D being attacked with a weapon and requiring several stitches and other hospital treatment.   

Supporting a survivor after 17 years of abuse - the Story of G

ACT received a referral from Lighthouse Women’s Aid to support a survivor.

G had been in a domestic abusive relationship for 17 years and had a 14 year old son with Autism.  Her ex-partner was harassing her in many ways and had recently issued court proceedings for their son to live with him. G has had mental health problems and the harassment by her ex-partner was exacerbating this.

Supporting a survivor with family issues - the Story of J

J had separated from her husband following domestic abuse. However, she still lived close by - and next-door to his sister. She was still troubled by his behaviour (owing to mental health issues); added to this, there were issues with child access.

Helpline call from a parent suffering abuse from her son - the Story of F

F called the Helpline wanting advice and guidance around safeguarding herself against further physical and emotional abuse from her grown up son. She user relayed several years of abuse and her failed attempts to encourage her son to access support for his mental health. At the time of the call F was reluctant to involve the police for fear of the situation escalating.

Helpline call from a male survivor with mental health issues - the Story of W

ACT received a self-referral, via the Suffolk Domestic Abuse Helpline to support a male survivor. W had been in a domestic abusive relationship and alleged that his ex-partner had been sexually and emotionally abusive to him. 

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