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Real stories from Anglia Care Trust Domestic Abuse Outreach team

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Supporting a survivor with family issues

J had separated from her husband following domestic abuse. However, she still lived close by - and next-door to his sister. She was still troubled by his behaviour (owing to mental health issues); added to this, there were issues with child access.


The husband had seriously assaulted J’s current partner and was awaiting trial.  


J has ongoing mental health issues and an eating disorder, both of which were exacerbated by the stress from the abusive situation. Her children were showing signs of behaviour issues.


ACT’s domestic abuse outreach service provided emotional support throughout, particularly during the criminal court case, and the family court proceedings regarding child access. ACT liaised with CAFCASS (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service), and the Early Help team to ensure maximum support for the family.


J secured a house swap to a suitable property away from her ex-husband, which enabled her to have some distance and privacy.  She also moved into a happy and supportive relationship. J felt able to address her medical issues with support from her GP and her parents, and is now benefitting from much better mental and physical health.


The family court proceedings have now completed with a result that is satisfactory to both parents - J reported that her relationship with her former husband has improved.

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