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How we can help

"What happens when I call the helpline?"

Here's what happens when you call the Suffolk Domestic Abuse Helpline

  • The first thing to mention is that the phone line is free, absolutely confidential and is available 24-hours a day

  • A member of the Anglia Care Trust  (ACT) team will answer the call and listen to you. They may ask you questions to establish your situation. All questions are designed to help them understand whether you need support, advice or action

  • If you are in immediate danger, you'll be advised to hang up and dial 999 for the emergency services. If you're unable to speak, dial 55 and the emergency operator will know you need immediate assistance

  • ACT will establish whether you are a survivor of domestic abuse yourself; whether you're calling for advice about someone you know; or whether you're a professional needing guidance

  • Once ACT has established your situation, they'll then decide how best to support you. This may follow one of several routes:

    • ACT may be able to offer advice

    • You may be referred to ACT's own Domestic Abuse Outreach Support team ​

    • You may be referred to a partner charity/agency for specialist support

    • ACT may undertake a refuge search for you either locally, or nationally. If that happens, once registered, in subsequent conversations, you'll have a personal number and won't need to go through your details again.

In all instances, you will be in control and you may call anonymously. ACT will not ​do anything that you're not comfortable with, and won't involve any other agency/charity or the Police without your consent.*

  • One final thing to mention is that we work with whole families - not just individuals. We know that leaving dogs behind can be an obstacle to fleeing an abuser; it doesn't need to be - read all about The Dogs Trust Freedom Project. Your pet can be fostered if you need to be in refuge accommodation and returned to you as soon as you're able to have them back.


*Except in cases where we are obliged to act on a safeguarding issue 

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