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Real stories from Anglia Care Trust Domestic Abuse Outreach team

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Order from Chaos - the Story of A 

A had been married for 15 years and had  5 children; she also worked. Due to alcohol issues, her marriage broke down, resulting in her becoming homeless and having no contact with her children. A was a victim of domestic abuse by many perpetrators, not helped by her chaotic lifestyle and exacerbated by the use of alcohol and drugs. 

A was known to ACT when she was placed in STEPS  (short-term temporary) accommodation as a couple with what we now know was one of her perpetrators.  A was evicted due to the impact it was having on the other residents in the property, and the neighbours.  Police were being called out on weekly basis when either her ex-partner or A would be arrested, often resulting in a hospital attendance.  Whilst this perpetrator was in prison, due to a recent assault on A, she was housed by the local council in a one bedroom flat within a block. A’s case was heard at a MARAC (multi-agency rick assessment conference). As the perpetrator was now in prison, A was assessed as medium risk and was referred to ACT.


ACT referred A to Turning Point, an agency that supports people with drug and alcohol problems, to help with her issues, but A quickly became involved in another abusive relationship.  This situation resulted in her home being regularly raided by Police, multiple arrests, and continuous complaints by A’s neighbours.  A disengaged with all services apart from ACT.  The problem increased when her ex-partner was released from prison - he would climb on neighbours' balconies to access A’s flat which was 4 floors from the ground. The situation was becoming extremely dangerous for all parties involved.

A has a mother who lives in another part of the country; their relationship had broken down over the years but in desperation A contacted her for support.  ACT were able to access their empowerment fund to purchase a train ticket to Liverpool.  ACT liaised with the mental health, substance misuse and social services in Liverpool and A is now living in private rented accommodation and engaging with the appropriate organisations.  A is in a new relationship which appears to be healthy and has recently had contact with her children.


ACT were able to assist A in finding safe accommodation where she is able to engage with services and rebuild her relationship with her family.

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