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Real stories from Anglia Care Trust Domestic Abuse Outreach team

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Supporting a survivor after 17 years of abuse

ACT received a referral from Lighthouse Women’s Aid to support a survivor.


G had been in a domestic abusive relationship for 17 years and had a 14 year old son with Autism.  Her ex-partner was harassing her in many ways and had recently issued court proceedings for their son to live with him. G has had mental health problems and the harassment by her ex-partner was exacerbating this.


G felt overwhelmed due to her mental health problems and did not know how to handle the harassment. G’s ACT support worker encouraged her to address her mental health, to enable her to think clearly and make decisions.


ACT supported G to seek legal advice and provided a supporting letter to her solicitor so that she could access legal aid, to obtain advice on legal remedies for harassment.   


G needed a fridge freezer but was unable to fund one herself.  Her support worker completed a grant application for Local Welfare Assistance, and this was delivered during the last lockdown.


The harassment by her ex-partner continued - G was supported to submit an application to ACT’s Covid Relief Fund for a video doorbell. G reports that she feels less anxious and stressed now that she has the doorbell.  She also says that her son is calmer and less upset now that she is - both of them are enjoying improved mental health.


ACT’s support worker will continue to support G and her son until the conclusion of the court case.

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